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If you are buying your IBUS interface kit and want to use it with Adrian Kittner’s IBUS-APP for Android, which is a paid application, you have to purchase an APP unlock license.
UPDATE: APP unlock license costs 22EUR per 1 VIN and since we have stopped reselling licenses, you can only buy it from the APP developer’s website.
If you want to purchase VIN unlock license, please follow this link: IBUS APP VIN Unlock purchase

Please note that if your car is equipped with LOW BC (low instrument cluster) it will show less data in IBUS-APP (see photo 2).

6 reviews for IBUS APP unlock for 1 VIN

  1. Deividas

    How ahould i write in search bar to find this app in appstore?

  2. Modbmw

    Hello! Thanks for your question!
    IBUS Android APP is not available in Google PlayStore, because it does not meet the requirements of Google PlayStore, since it can’t be unlocked by regular payment method, but the customer must provide the VIN number of the car. You can download the app from here:
    or from here:
    You have to pay for VIN number unlocking and after the payment, you can unlock the full functionallity of the APP.

  3. Gabor

    My car has original big navigation and I do not want to change it. The question is, if I use the interface and mobile application with a mobile phone, whether all the features will work. Can I switch and adjust the coming and leaving light for example? The mobile will not turn off as an after multimedia. Thanks for the help!

  4. Modbmw

    Hello! Thanks for your interest!
    You can use our IBUS interface and Adrian’s APP on any Android device and it will work without any trouble, no matter if your car is equipped with 16:9 navi, MID, IRIS or even with a hole instead of headunit. Thanks!

  5. Reuben McBrayer

    Does this support the e46?

  6. Modbmw

    Hello! Yes, IBUS interface and IBUS-APP are absolutely compatible with BMW E46.

  7. Raimondas

    so where can that app be purchased? those two links don’t work while modbmw out of stock.

  8. Modbmw

    Hello! Thanks for your interest!
    It can be downloaded from the official website of IBUS-APP or from here: tar.bg

  9. Juliyan

    Cant buy the license because it is “out of stock”

  10. Modbmw

    We have stopped reselling IBUS-APP licenses a few years ago. Please use the official IBUS-APP website to purchase license.

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